Want to do something special for a special occasion? Then why not hire a limo to make the occasion unforgettable?

A limousine is an ultralong, luxury car, which is equipped with lots of extras such as a bar, TV and is usually only associated with the rich and famous, but nowadays limo hire is getting extremely popular with the working class people to add a little luxury to a special occasion in their lives. A limousine used to be black, but white is nowadays becoming increasingly popular.


With the year moving towards the middle, matric farewell parties are coming up. Make your son or daughter feel like a prince or princess by hiring a limousine to take them to the function and back. It will save you the time and trouble to do it. And you will be sure they arrive there safely. A limousine is the perfect way to arrive at the function.

For a special occasion such as a wedding or matric farewell party, you want to travel in style and comfort and have the attention focused on you. Therefore hiring a limousine that offers luxury, style and comfort is becoming increasingly popular.


Are you getting married ? All they eyes will be focused on you and your bride/groom if you arrive at the function in a limo. A limousine is just the right way for the bride and her entourage to arrive at the wedding, adding to the splendour and glamour of the occasion. In fact, arriving at any glamorous function in a limo is the ideal way to make a statement about yourself. You can hire a limo to take you to exclusive venues of your choice.

Hiring a limousine is also perfect for occasions such as birthday parties, anniversaries, promotions, gala events, or any other glamorous functions coming up.

We at Magic Limo Hire specialize in limousine hire and our mission is to make your limousine hire something that you will never forget. We are completely equipped to give you an unforgettable experience. We will treat you as royalty from the moment you get into our limousine to the moment we deliver you home safely.

Magic Limo Hire services offer car hire at affordable prices. Magic Limo Hire services offer you limousines that is driven by a chauffeur with service of distinction. Our experienced chaffeurs are totally dedicated to giving you an experience of a lifetime.


We will deliver you safely to your destination and back and will make sure that you travel in the highest luxury and comfort. Our standards of luxury are simply not available elsewhere for limousine hire.

Magic Limo Hire will contact you directly, and you can choose from the options that will best suit you. We operate in Gauteng, mainly in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

Limos are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can phone or e-mail us for more information. Limo Hire is the most popular way to travel in style to any function in South Africa, so call for a Limousine hire quote right now.


Limo hire can also offer a 1 hour drive around before any occasion. Limo hire is a great way to give a personalised gift, and one which you know everyone will enjoy and appreciate.

Limo hire can be expensive and sometimes you don’t get a lot for what you pay. When you hire a limo you need to know that the limo hire operator is equipped with a limousine that will meet your needs.

Limo hire is our business and our chauffeurs are all experienced drivers. Limousines offer affordable, comfortable travel, arrive relaxed, on time and looking forward to your function.

For the experience of a lifetime, call Magic Limousine Hire for all your limousine hire needs. We will make sure that we give you the best service that money can buy and make sure that you are completely satisfied with our service. After all, that is why we are there for.